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Mission Statement

At SMOOTH, our mission is to create a safe space where our diverse clientele are able to love the skin they’re in. As Certified Electrologists and Licensed Estheticians, we are here to provide the highest quality in professional hair removal services, and perform the safest form of permanent hair removal approved by the FDA.

About Section

All Things Electrolysis

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the permanent removal of unwanted hair using heat and current to destroy the hair at the root. Once each hair is treated it is removed with tweezers, and you are left feeling silky SMOOTH.


Electrolysis Facts

  • The only form of true permanent hair removal approved by the FDA. 

  • Over 100 years of safe and effective use. 

  • Introduced and recommended by Physicians and Plastic Surgeons across the country.

  • Effectiveness and permanency is well documented in numerous elite medical journals.

Hair Removal for All

  • All areas of the face and body

  • All hair types and textures

  • All skin tones

  • All hair colors

  • Safe to treat over tattoos and permanent make up


Why Electrolysis vs. Laser?

Laser is considered hair “reduction,” while Electrolysis is the only form of 100% permanent hair removal recognized by the FDA. Laser will never completely destroy all of the hair, and is not safe for all skin tones, nor is it effective on all hair colors and textures. This is where Electrolysis steps in!

Electrolysis - The Standard by which all Other Methods of Hair Removal are Compared.

Consistency is Key

Although Electrolysis is not a one and done treatment, your commitment will soon be worth it. By following your customized treatment plan, this will allow for optimal permanent hair removal results. Come in and feel the SMOOTH difference.


Ready to Start Treatment?

Simply click the "Book Now" button below, call, or text us today to set up a complimentary consultation. We are here to answer any questions that you may have regarding hair removal, and want to ensure that you feel informed and comfortable before starting your permanent hair removal journey.

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